Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make it a betta place...

I record voiceovers for the software programs we produce at work. We have a make-shift recording "studio" (read: supply closet) that rests adjacent to the office next door's conference room. Sometimes they can get loud in there when they are having a large conference call, but usually, my mic does not pick up the sound and I just ignore it an continue. Today was different.

They were having a particularly raucus conference call. It sounded like there were maybe 20 people in the room, and 2-3 on speakerphone. Laughing, clapping, and generally being as loud as possible. All of the sudden, the strangest scene unfolded before my ears. It sounded like the people on the phone had started to sing a song. I couldn't make out the song, but it sounded very familiar to me. Before I knew it, the whole room had joined in. It sounded like a bad church choir. Then it hit me, "are they singing 'Heal the World'?" Yes. Yes, they were.

I thought they would like settle down, and that they were just singing part of it to be funny. Nope. I counted, 1st verse, chorus, 2nd the time they got to the bridge I thought, my God, they're going to sing the whole thing!

The best was that sometime after the bridge, someone in the room tried to end it by pre-maturely applauding. This action only caused the singers on the phone to get louder! They even did the key change and fancy ending!!! When the song adjourned, applause ensued, and the call ended.



Like, for real. WTF was that? I'm totally speechless.