Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is why I'm fat, this is why I'm fat, this is why, this is why, this is why I'm fat...

This website

...is the single greatest site on the internet ever. Basically, the site lists the most disgustingly fatty foods that anyone could possibly come up with. For example, bacon donuts: glazed donuts topped with crumbly bits of greasy bacon love. O. M . G. Also, french fry wrapped hot dog on a stick, which is exactly what it sounds like. Someone took a corn dog, but replaced the fried cornbread with french fries, just to ensure a nice myocardial infarction. This site is making fun of all the weird disgusting fatty foods that people have created; however, I want to eat all of it. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly slender girl, but I haven't always been. I'm a big ole bacon-loving fatty at heart. I have Weight Watchers, and a family history of heart failure that scared me into submission to thank for being slender. I've got a lot of will power, but a part of me always lusts for the extra fatty, sweet, and greasy.

Some examples of my inner lard-lover:

-The first time I heard the word "pilates," I thought it was a dessert. I totally wanted some chocolate-covered, cream-filled pilates.
-I can't think of the word "Swedish" and not automatically follow it up with "fish." I just can't.
-I can eat a fat sandwich from Rutgers, whole, in the time it takes for a normal person to finish half of their's and wince in pain, unable to continue.
-I've never saved any of my candy for the movie. Ever. Sometimes it doesn't even make it through the first preview.
-Each time of year can be placed into a "candy season" category for me. Like, right now is conversation heart season, which is second only to jellybean season (but just edging out candy cane season, which is tied with candy corn season).

And so on.

So, you get the idea. "This is why you're fat" is a blogroll that speaks to me. Mmmmm, blogroll.

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Sarah said...

oh man, easter candy season just started at the grocery store... thought of you!