Friday, April 3, 2009

"I just had a wasabi accident"

Today is a rainy, thundery Friday, so we decided to put in an order for sushi delivery here at work. This was the best sushi I've had in a while, like from God's personal sushi stash. The rice was fluffy, the avacodo was fresh, and the wasabi was POTENT. Here is an exchange between me and TheCoworker:

Me: ok I just had a wasabi accident

Me: my eyelids are sweating

Me: I ate like the whole wasabi ball Me: haha

TheCoworker: ahahaha

TheCoworker: sorry

TheCoworker: that first sentence made me laugh!

Me: ahaha

TheCoworker: are you ok?

Me: yeah

Me: it was a fleeting problem, luckily

TheCoworker: i'm having a mini-accident myself with every piece

Me: a big chunk stuck to my ginger

Me: uh oh just had another accident

Me: this one is bad

Me: I think I have a nose bleed!

Me: ok and we're back

TheCoworker: ahaha

TheCoworker: i imagine you passing out momentarily and then coming back

TheCoworker: ahahaha

Me: yeah that’s kinda what happened

Me: the whole world was wasabi green for a brief period in time

Me: btw I'll give you a dollar if you can figure out a creative way to sneak "a big chunk stuck to my ginger" into a meeting here

BTW...I think my fortune cookie just insulted me. My fortune was "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet." I MAY diet, or I SHOULD diet? Be real with me, cookie!

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Houston! said...

I read it. And I like ramblings.