Friday, December 19, 2008

freedom cheese

I want to share an IM conversation I had with my coworker about cheese, in regards to the sandwich special in the corporate deli in our building. I would try to summarize, but I think it is best left in its original format:

me: yeah that sounds tasty
me: what kinda cheese did you get on it
me: I'm usually a provolone kinda gal myslef
TheCoworker: i like to switch it up
TheCoworker: i went with the american yesterday
TheCoworker: today I'm feeling anti-american
me: these colors don't fade!
me: haha
TheCoworker: ahahahaha!!!!!
TheCoworker: that's the best!
me: it would be funny if you threw your shoe at the deli guy
TheCoworker: ahahaha
me: and then when he's like wtf? You're like oh sorry, I just meant I want provolone instead of american

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