Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Butt-nanas

The following disturbing (yet hilarious) video was sent to me by my dear friend, Red Diablo (which was sent to her by her coworker, ScavengerHunt).

This was the follow-up conversation we had about it.

Diablo: in the midst of convo, ScavengerHunt and i decided we were going to form a team for banana butt peelers
Me: hahaha
Diablo: and now we are trying to come up with a name and a motto
Me: hmmm
Me: The South Jersey Banana Splits
Diablo: so far we have: The Banana Smugglers: Our Grip on the Competition is Firm
Diablo: The Clinchers: We Keep the Pressure On
Diablo: and The Bruised Naners...but i dont have a motto for that one lol
Me: lol
Me: hmm
Diablo: I was thinking somthing along the lines of: The Bruised Naners: ironic that its the bananas that are bruised
Diablo: or The Bruised Naners: We Toughen the Skin
Me: ahaha
Me: The Bananadonks: not just a crack pot theory
Diablo: hahahahahaha
Diablo: i knew i could get some winners outta you
Me: hahah
Diablo: got any more?
Me: The Butt-nanas: More cushion for the shmushin
Diablo: O
Diablo: M
Diablo: G
Diablo: that is amazing!
Me: ahahaha
Me: thanks!
Diablo: i think that one might be my fav
Me: ahaha
Me: If there were a documentary about the Butt-nanas, it would be called "Cheek-to-cheek: a story of struggle, glory, and extra potassium"
Diablo: hahahahahahahaha
Diablo: seriously???
Diablo: where does this come from?
Me: I don't know!
Me: Unpeeled: The Butt-nanas story
Me: I dunno why I'm obsessed with making your team the subject of a documentary
Diablo: we may need to make a buttnanas doc now
Me: yeah I think you're right
Diablo: [From ScavengerHunt] Banan-stronaughts: Boldly putting fruit where it has never gone before.
Me: hahaha
Diablo: hahaha
Diablo: he's turning up the game obviously
Me: yes indeed
Me: The Banan-ditos: you gotta problem ese?
Diablo: hahahahahahaha
Diablo: [from SvavengerHunt] The Crocodile Bumm-dees: That's not a banana, This is a banana. Me: The bananzookas: weapons of ass destruction
Diablo: hahahaha
Diablo: omg, im like crying
Me: omg me too!
Diablo: ok, he heard me laughing and came in here lol
Me: hahahaah
Me: The Butt Pirates: get on the butt, the bannana butt
Me: ahaha
Diablo: hahahaha
Diablo: The 3 Buttskateers
Me: ahahahah
Diablo: i need a line though
Diablo: probably going off of one for all and all for one
Me: hmm
Me: thats a toughie
Diablo: yea i know
Diablo: dammit

*later that day*

Diablo: The 3 Buttskateers: All for bum, and bum for all!

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carolinemichelle said...

Red Diablo if you read this, I purposefully spelled your name in the blogger and not derby format (as opposed to "Dee Ablo") case you were wondering.